Passer's Playbook 2.0

Brian Hahn
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Passer's Playbook 2.0: The MTYLT Action Guide for Future Attorneys to Prepare for the Bar Exam is a comprehensive self-study toolkit for preparing for the bar exam, whether you're taking the bar exam in California, in a UBE state, or elsewhere.

More specifically, I address approaches and techniques that were tested in the field based on my own and others' experiences over the years:

  • Approaching or "attacking" your preparation: How do you start studying for your bar exam?

  • Scheduling to pave your own path away from "The Plan": Create your own flexible study schedule that works for YOU (not the other way around) so you don’t have to follow the “herd of average.” Ready-to-use sample schedules (whether you're 2 weeks or 10 weeks from the exam), templates, and student examples included)

  • Things to DO and things to NOT do

  • Add to your MBE score (which likely accounts for up to half of your entire score), including tactics on how to choose 50/50 choices, how to be efficient during the MBE, and how to guess with the highest chance of being right

  • Efficiently practicing essays: Double your essay practice efficiency (without sacrificing the learning) so you’re not overwhelmed at the sheer amount of practice

  • Writing essays correctly: How do you get graders to give you as many points as possible? How do you "IRAC"? How do you avoid being "conclusory"?

  • Effectively identifying issues: Virtually guarantee that you identify the relevant issues to rack up points (without randomly “spotting” issues)

  • Getting Performance Tests (including MPTs) under control

  • Handling your inner psychology to prime your mind for success and better manage your behaviors, thus putting yourself in better condition for passing

  • Foundational study strategies you need to carry you throughout your studies (including why you need to know your state bar’s grading methodology and how to interpret and analyze your score report)

  • Moving past your mental blocks and concentrate on what moves the needle (including how to ask your mentors the right questions that will elicit insight, not mere information)

  • Retaining information (what is memorization and how to memorize effectively)

  • Getting on the right track and taking action so that you’re moving forward and not spinning your wheels (see the Blueprint, Cheat Sheets, and exercises after each Section)

  • Final prep so you don’t suffer from the “failure of the last mile”

  • Recommended resources and supplements

  • Q&As: What other real students are concerned about and my answers to their concerns

I know you're very busy...

It's not just another "book" you have to slog through but rather a collection of tools.

In fact, DON'T read through it all if you can help it. It's like a buffet where you can pick and choose the parts you want to learn about—and do something about it. This is an Action Guide.

The tools that come with Passer's Playbook are designed to help you orient yourself, learn the skill of learning, avoid traps that you don't see the first time you tackle bar prep, propel you toward improvement, and take the back door to success.

In addition to a 300+ page in-depth guide (the "Big Playbook"), an Accelerator Kit is included to get you to take action right away while the "aha" moment is in full effect!

Focus on the work that matters instead of getting overwhelmed...

  • Dos and Don'ts: Audit your current habits to see whether these “best practices” and “worst practices” of bar prep describe you

  • Sample Study Schedules (8 different schedules) with templates and examples (whether you're 10 weeks or 1 week out)

  • Example Study Schedules from real California and UBE students (up to 16 weeks out)

  • Systematic Study Blueprint: high-level roadmap for your preparation process (think Approsheets for the bar)

  • Shortnotes: a highly concentrated 30-page guide that distills key insights from the encyclopedic "big" playbook (with all-new insights that you can only find here)

  • Weekly Action Plan: suggested action steps and checkpoints from a weekly perspective

  • Supplement Shopping List: recommended supplements and where to get them, tiered based on your budget

  • Cheat Sheets: quick reference for key reminders and learning techniques for each portion of the bar and generally

  • IRAC/CRAC Examples Vault: annotations and analyses of this all-important essay format

Click here to peek at the table of contents of the "big" playbook.


Supplementary references are available to be used with the Playbook, including...

  • MBE subject matter breakdowns and charts (see which topics are high priority and medium priority)

  • MBE Practice Sheet (fillable and printable template for a convenient way to keep track of your answers)

  • MBE analytics chart (so you can determine and pinpoint your deficiencies as you continue to practice with MBE questions)

  • Performance Test Toolkit (and where to find plenty of practice PTs, whether you're taking the California PT or the MPTs)

  • Audio interviews: (1) about the mindset to take now vs. on the bar and (2) "the Barbri regret" (what's useful and not about bar review courses, and what to do instead)

  • Pocket Guide for Your Bar Prep: 17 Strategies to Get Un-stuck and Un-frustrated by the Bar Exam (accelerate your bar prep with minimalist and cut-to-the-chase answers to 17 common questions)

All that for $79? What else can you get for $79?

  • A tiny fraction of a meme stock/crypto (that might blow up your account)

  • Brunch and drinks (+ tax and tip) for you and a date

  • A massage session... Well actually, who gets massages these days?

  • Fewer than 0.3 hours of 1:1 consultation from me


  • An investment in yourself to get closer to passing the bar exam and moving on with your life

  • Tools and systems designed to help you learn the bar exam (and learn how to learn the material) from the perspective of someone who has failed once and decided to figure out this bar thing

  • Insurance against 6 to 9 more months of studying and stagnating while job opportunities and life go on without you

Anything that gives you even a 1% edge to pass the bar exam is worth it. That includes a two-night stay at a hotel, a babysitter, or just one insight from a manual for bar prep put together like a maniac…

And don't forget:

There's a 30-day satisfaction policy. You either win, or you decide it's not for you and get your money back.

But you have to make the investment in yourself first.

Stay excellent,


26 ratings
  • You'll get two emails immediately: a receipt with a link to access all the files + a welcome email.

  • You'll get two emails immediately: a receipt with a link to access all the files + a welcome email.


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